Me First living with what’s leftover giving!!!

I wrote this down many weeks ago and I am pretty sure that I got it while listening to Andy Stanley. Yes he is a pastor of Northside church in Atlanta but oh what a brilliant businessman and leader he is for all of us no matter our faith affiliation.

This ranks right up there with the Golden Rule to me, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Would that not be sweet? I have often thought if we would live by this sweet rule there would be no need for passwords and wire fences, both of which I think are tacky.  

I also believe that if we held to that one rule people would just be sweet and would think twice before they gave someone the california howdy, aka middle finger salute as they were aggravated in their cars.  Side note, I am never aggravated in my car as I am typically the source of others aggravation.

So besides my affinity for the Golden Rule, I am convinced that the level to which I am willing to give of myself, my time, my resources and my love will be the level to which I experience all those things. If I withhold any good thing then I too will not have those things.  There is no exception to this spiritual rule set forth from the beginning of time.

When I heard Andy Stanley, well I hope it was him quote this, “Me First living with Leftover Giving!!!  I immediately said, Lord don’t let me do that. I know that is not the way to happiness and joy everlasting.  

If I think only of myself and I acquire things in life and yet I am not able to share that with others then how empty would life be?  If I think that I have to manipulate things aka cheat the system IN ANY WAY for me to afford or to have the things I think I need, then I am missing it.  For me there are spiritual laws put in place for our benefit and not for our detriment.  

I have learned that when I am in lack the best way to fix that lack is by giving. I remember when I had little I was so tempted to hold on to what I had because I wanted to make sure that I was taken care of. Then I remembered that I had never had a time in my life where holding to what I had allowed me to prosper.  With arms open in giving they are also open to receive.

Yes, yes I know that it is important to be a good steward and I am working on that as well. But for me, I have learned that I have more than I need and much of what I want and the best and happiest time of my life is knowing that I can be a blessing to someone else.  And wonder of wonders I have never given away something that I did not get back pressed down and running over. 

So yes, I love this quote and I pray that it sticks in my heart forever, because so far this way of life has been a blessing and a joy to me and I don’t see why it would change.  God please keep me from being a Me first living with leftover Giving kind of person.  

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