Writers Block? Or what is stopping me? What is stopping you?

I keep grabbing the computer and putting it in my lap and freezing!!!! I keep checking my notes where I come up with what I think are great ideas to write about and I am still stuck!!!  I read in a book somewhere that when you are afraid to write or afraid to share and you feel resistance then it is a signal that you really need to share it!!!

I am very careful with my words because I know how important they are. I know that just a word misplaced can hurt someone and also a word in the right place and the right time can change a life and send it in a better direction.  

I was walking with Jody the other day and we were on our usual trek around her community in Wild Heron which at one time was my community.  It is cool to walk and be there and enjoy the beauty of the lake but that is not my point. As we were walking she turned to me and said, “When are you going to put your affirmations and devotions in a book, you have already written it so what are you waiting for?”  She grabbed my hand as we were walking and said a prayer that God would give me the strength to write it and put me in front of the people who would help me get it done  

I was fired up and floating…. For a moment. Then I froze!!!! I have picked up my other book and put it down so many times it has become an exercise. Not an exercise that is helpful but more of one of resistance and hesitation and fear.  I don’t  think I feel fear but what else could it be? What is stopping me from putting it on my calendar and getting it done?

I could use the excuse that I am busy running a business, helping raise a family and any other excuse I could conjure up. They are just excuses and I can not help but wonder when I am going to throw down the gauntlet and pick up that book and finish one of them?  And why am I telling on myself?

I don’t even know how to end this because I didn’t even know how to start this. I think my question for me and for you is this.  What is it that you have been putting off? What is it that you know in your heart you are called to do but you put other things in front of it? What is something that feels so exciting and then yet you pause? 

This writer’s block can only happen if I stop.  It can only happen if you stop.

Our words are so important especially if our words are intent on encouraging others or helping others move past dead center for a dream that they know they are meant to dream.  Here’s to hoping that sharing my feeling of being stuck will remind you of where you are stuck and remind me of that feeling I had for that moment when Jody was holding my hand and encouraging me to get that book finished!!!!

Indeed what is stopping me?

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