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Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.  ` Buddha

I am sure in all the love notes and all the blogs I have written I have addressed my dream job (being a minister or motivational speaker) prior to this but for some reason, it is in my heart to share the love of my life and my work.  When I was little I imagined myself with arms outstretched preaching and teaching to people and even went so far as to imagine being interviewed about said job. Thus far there has been no preaching and certainly no interviews but I believe at this time of my life I am doing exactly what God created me to do and I love it with all my heart and I am thankful with all my heart!!!!

The word vocation from the Latin word vocare means to be called. I think as a youngun I thought to be called was for pastors and teachers and wise sages and certainly not for the ordinary occupations. What I have discovered quite to my delight is that anything that brings you joy and imparts that joy to others can be the highest and most lofty of vocations.  Making the ordinary extraordinary can happen each and every day.

My father was a builder and owned a construction company and later a Real Estate office. He wanted so badly for me to get my license and when he asked me. I kindly said in a tart teenage voice, “Over my dead body.”  It was many years and many jobs before I let myself be talked into a career in Real Estate, by my sweet husband.  After watching him do it, I figured, “How hard  can it be?”  Now many years later and upturns and downturns and every which a way a turn, it is very hard and very tedious and very very very…… It is also very rewarding. 

I love that I did not do Real Estate when I was young because I believe I needed to go through some arduous adventures and learn from many failures and learn the art of calm before tackling this career. Today being the very grateful leader of the most remarkable humans I have ever met, I can say that I do have my dream job.  

I have not been on any talk shows nor have I traveled the world teaching and preaching. What I have been able to do is do something I love with people I love. I have been able through our company, to give to others and to share the resources that I would never have had if I had not answered the call to do what I do.  Because of the hearts of those that have joined me, I believe we have made a difference in our community and in the lives of our families.

I am so grateful Hugh talked me into this and I am so thankful to all of you that you share in the adventure. I am so thankful for the success that we have had because we have been able to open our arms and hearts wide and share with others. Now that is a vocation that I can give my life to.

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