God is in all things or no things.

God is either in all things or no things!!!!  I chose to see his hand in all things even in…….no especially the things that make no sense to my sweet-hearted brain.  

This has been a doozy of a week. Mostly glorious in that I am breathing, I have my health, I have a sweet family, a home to live in a car to drive, precious humans to work with, and loving kind friends. I could list pages of glorious things to celebrate.  They are countless and they are gifts that God made especially for me. You have yours too!!!! 

In the mix of this week, I have encountered things in my business and in my life that I did not see coming, and if I had I may have ducked. LOL!!!!!  So it brings me to my belief that in all things that are happening big and small, fun and not fun, trials and tribulations, there is a path forward for me. God has it all mapped out.

I think if I spend too much time lamenting what did not work or questioning the why’s of an ill-fated situation, I may just miss the beautiful path before me.

These are some hard truths that are my commandments and they serve me best in times of discomfort or unsureness!!!  They also serve me lest I think too highly of myself and not enough of my fellows.

  1.  I am ONLY responsible for how I treat you and not how you treat me.
  2. Spending time in constant gratitude for every single gift big and small creates the most blissful life in the middle of the most discouraging moments.
  3. I am called to love always!!! No exceptions.
  4. I trust that my needs are met and many of my wants by a loving creator that cares for me and for you.
  5. I will always figure it out!!!  
  6. Each day is a new and exciting day to love and to be loved and to share any light that is me with all of you.  
  7. I do not worry about the outcomes I just focus on being loving and kind in all my interactions with my world. 
  8. I pray for strangers and for those that would not love me. 
  9. It is not my job for you to love me, it is only my job to love you.
  10. Grace has been freely given to me so I must freely give it to others.

I am thankful so very thankful for every situation because there is either a victory or a lesson and sometimes both.  

There is a full moon tonight and with it the memory of that sweet man who called me an angel and honored me with his words and his life. I look to that sky tonight and I know that God is up there taking care of everything. I don’t think anything is left to chance.

I am so very thankful, so very very thankful. As Hugh used to say, “I have such a life, such a beautiful life, and if I had given God a list of what I wanted I would have sold myself short. His gifts are always over and above anything that we could have ever wished for ourselves.”  

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