The Magic Question.

While preparing for my first talk in 2 years thanks to that mean old Corona, I found some amazing stories and things that made me ponder in a deep way.  That is the beauty of teaching. I always end up learning more than those I am led to teach.  I became the best student in the field of research and learned lessons that I myself need to remember.

Another thing that is flitting through my brain is the notion that at 62 I do not have as much time on the planet as I did even a year ago so I want to fill it up with  time worthy and praise worthy and valuable things.  So that makes me ask questions of myself and I wonder if you ask questions of yourself as well?

I was thinking about investments and what is the most important thing to invest in?  No not bitcoin and besides I have no clue no matter how many ways you try to show me I still look at you sideways….. I guess not my spiritual gift.  No not Real Estate though that may prove to be valuable to you and your family but not without its perils.  No, not the stock market because I am reminded of the song… What comes up must come down, spinning wheel yadda yadda.  I am not saying that we should not invest in any or all of these but what I think we fail to invest in is ourselves!!!!!

Myself, Yourself, the most valuable of all valuables is US!!!!!  Investing in ourselves through reading and study and seminars  can not be underestimated.  Investing in you may be the very thing that you need to tip the scale to a partial ho hum life to a well lived and abundant life. This abundance does not stop with you…. It becomes a gift to our world.

A story stuck me deep in my heart yesterday and I want to share it with you as I did my precious audience yesterday.  

A philanthropist who was well versed and spent many years working on the issue of sex trafficing and how to end it in areas where it was rampant was led to ask a question, the magic question it turns out.  Gloria Steinam has traveled to many blighted areas and worked for this cause but when she was confronted with a dire situation in Zambia, she decided to sit down with the women of the village.  

Three well loved women had disappeared never to be seen again and she felt like going straight to those impacted may help. What she did not know was that with one simple question it would unravel a complicated problem in a very uncomplicated way.  She posed this question: “What would it take to end sex trafficing in Zambia?”  The women without hesitation said, “An Electric fence”

Gloria assumed they meant for protection but they further explained, “ The villagers grow corn and when the corn gets high and about ready for harvest the elephants in the village eat the corn and destroy the crops.”  When the crops are destroyed there is no food and there are no crops to sell and the villagers go hungry and can not support themselves. The women are desperate and see no other way.  

So the sex slave issue was narrowed down in this case to a simple wild life control issue and was sovled by asking the right questions of the right people.  To date NO OTHER women have been lost in that village!!!

There have been so many changes in our world and I wonder if all we need to do is sit at the table and ask the right questions of ourselves and others. And invest in ourselves and others.  Sometimes the solution is right in front of us and we are not taking the time to ask that magic question.  

What would it take? For me to have the life I know that I can live? What would it take for me to be financially sound? What would it take for me to have better relationships? What would it take for me to be free of anger and resentment? What would it take for me to serve others and love more deeply? The questions are endless but they need to be answered so that we can enjoy every single moment and day of this one precious life!!!!!!!

Invest in you!!! There is only one you!!! And I love dearly that one you!!!!

With the greatest of joy and enthusiasm,

Karen key Smith

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