My Boll Weevil!!!!

Growing up in Enterprise Alabama people were always fascinated by our  bizarre statue in the middle of the town square!!!  I think at that time and maybe still to this day we were the only people on the planet that wielded a statue that immortalized a pest!!!! Seriously and a really creepy ugly pest at that. Why in the world would you erect a statue in 1919 to a boll weevil that single handed or single antenaed (not a real word but you get my point)  his way through the cotton crops destroying our very livelihood?  

I guess the answer is they were grateful to that little pest because it made way for our southern town to make way for a new cash crop.  The south diversified and became the peanut capital of the world. What was meant for harm turned into a big blessing allowing much more diversification and laying the groundwork for a more lucrative and long lasting profitable business.  Besides, it makes for a good story!!!  

I have had a few boll weevils that I would have rather not had in my life and just like my hometown, those pesky things ended up being my biggest blessings, spiritually. Mentally and yes lucratively as well!!!! 

Growing up in an alcoholic home where security was at a minimum I had to dig deep and find my security in books and mentors that did not know they were my mentors. I started writing and reading and believing that there was more for me and a better life out there. I found through my mentors in a book that I alone was responsible for the life that I wanted!!!!  In a sense I was digging my well before I got thirsty and it would serve me well.

My biggest and most impactful boll weevil came in the form of a surprise divorce!!! When my starter husband left and I was left with 3 young kids and not enough income I was devastated. I never ever wanted to check that divorce box and my heart and my home was crushed.  I was physically ill and at a loss of how to raise my kids and how to live a life that was not in my plans at all.  

Because I had to figure out a way to support my kids without child support, 

I sold Mary Kay, I pushed jet skis into the gulf  and tutored kids. I did anything legal and ethical for a buck. People in my church bought my kids Christmas gifts and we were the recipient of groceries left on our porch and surprise money im my mailbox. Good will was my boutique of choice and water and electricity were not always available!!!! I found ways to support and care for my kids and began to build a business and was able to provide for my family. 

Just like my hometown, God had a better idea and plan for me and he was right around the corner!!!!   Hugh Smith was the greatest gift and he was my most avid cheerleader for what would become a life that I never  imagined but was so grateful for.   I remembered all those book heroes  that mentored  me through my childhood and I believed them and I believed in me and I believed that God had great plans for me and BOY did he!!!!! 

Hugh and I built a life together based on service and love for each other and our fellow travelers. He encouraged me and cheered for me as I found my way!!! He told me daily that I was adorable and there was NOTHING that God and I could not do and that he would cheer loudly for me to do my angel work!!!  He cared for me, my kids, the things that were important to me, He taught me to love myself all the crazy and all. Especially the crazy and all. 

I never saw myself owning a brokerage, I never saw myself being able to run a company whose sole purpose was to do business in a kinder and more gentle way.  I never saw myself living a life filled with so many kind humans that rallied around each other and were the first on the scene when disaster would strike.  I never saw myself in a place where I no longer was the one in great need but could help those in need. 

This month is our anniversary month and also the month that we found out he was leaving and becoming truly my moon man. Hugh never got to occupy this office but his belief in me and what I was standing for and believing in was a big part of my impetus to be here. 

I am so thankful that I had unexpected things that seemingly destroyed my crops but in the long run gave me the biggest and most blessed life. I would not change any of it, well perhaps I would LOVE at least 50 more years with Hugh but other than that, I am so grateful for how my life has turned out. I know that for my life to become  the life I enjoy, God had to take away some things and add some things and that is still going on. As long as I live I am sure there will be more boll weevils but I am confident that if I stay strong and confident it will work out just fine!!!!

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