Lift me up, Hold me down and all the things.

Lift Me up by Rhianna started playing at the end of a very difficult sculpt yoga class and the tears started to flow. Not sad tears but grateful tears that I am able to move and to breath and that I am held up by a strength that is so much stronger than just me.  The words, Lift me up, Hold me down, Keep me safe, safe and sound.  I kept thinking of the juxtaposition of holding poses and concentrating and talking to myself just to make it through.  Then releasing and letting go, totally letting go.  Tensing and releasing!!!

It reminded me of the power of our minds and our bodies to do so much more than we do and the very idea that we were created to withstand stress and to bounce back and be stronger in the doing of it.  I was so much hotter than I believed I could get and the only way through was reciting verses and telling myself how very strong I was and how I was built to withstand stress and heat. 

Stress is a funny thing and believe it or not some stress on the body such as extreme heat and extreme cold in a controlled environment can help us heal and grow stronger for other stressful situations.  Stress can help our bodies become stronger and the next time we are in a situation, we know that we are strong and we can do it again.

I was having a very difficult time keeping myself in the hot room and every few moments I was pep talking to myself and thankfully Brook said those beautiful words, only 15 more seconds. You can hold anything for 15 seconds. I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice if we got a 15 second life warning.

When we are going through a particularly difficult period we know we can do it because we have done it before. The issue is there is no one telling us softly just 15 more seconds, you can do it, just hold on a little longer. In real life we have to hang on not knowing how long the stressful or difficult season will last, there is no finishing  bell!!!  Wouldn’t that be nice if we knew that just around the corner, the illness would end, the loved one would get sober, all would be well, just hang on just a little longer.

I have lived long enough to know that it usually does get better. I have also learned that the only human I have control over getting stronger is me. I have also learned that I can be happy, peaceful and content even if all around me there is turmoil and confusion. I don’t have to invite it into my heart or my soul. What is around me does not have to enter into me.

I was also thinking at the end of the class while my mind was supposed to be quiet that those 15 seconds are so relative in that if I am getting a massage, 15 more seconds seems to be one second and I want more of the good stuff.  All these things are running through my mind when it is supposed to be quiet. So I keep bringing it back to my breath and breathing in and out and letting go.

The practice of yoga is indeed a practice and it is so personal and thankfully I am okay that some are standing on their heads, when at times I can barely stand on my feet. But each time I push my body a little further and I tell my mind that it is strong and flexible I get better and I feel stronger and I really truly believe that a power is holding me up when I need it and pushing me down and holding me safe and sound, no matter what!!! 

When life gets a little tough I always remember back during covid when breathing was so difficult I find myself crying at times with gratitude for just the breath of life. All of life, the hard times, the scary and unsure times. I am just thankful for the opportunity to try more things and enjoy more things and love more people while on this sweet precious planet!!!  

Ps. If you are at the end of your rope for yourself or for others trust that there is a power greater than you who can lift you up and hold you down when needed.

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