The Whole Towns Talking

” A man flying in the air in a car with wings…. are you sure?  I think there’s some serious leg pulling going on here. Are you making it up?  How does the moon rise every night? I don’t know, but it does. ~ part of a conversation amongst the town

Fannie Flagg has long been one of my favorite authors and I imagine I need to go back and re- read some of her earlier books so I can tell you about them.  Daisy Faye and the Miracle Man and the Reunion of the All Girls Filling Station, to name a few. All 5 star plus!!!  Britt gave me this book so I dug in and knew I would love it.  I did however pause because it dealt with an other worldly subject that I am not always comfortable with… the great beyond. It was part fantasy and fiction. Not that I think the hear after is fantasy, it was her take on it.

I loved that it started with Lordor in the 1900’s and his quest for a wife who he found via a mail order bride advertisement. The book takes its characters and weaves them through decades to present time adding real life history to the mix.   Where it got me and caused me tWHOLE TOWNo pause, is the subject of what happens when we leave this physical earth. I did love however that it showed how fleeting our lives are and how deep and rich our relationships.  It also addressed that those things that bound us on earth are no longer.

It dealt with the difference in the problems that are paramount for us today juxtaposed with the more simple problems of yesteryear.  I always wonder how much we have changed as humans while being exactly the same in our hearts and our love for each other.

I devoured this book while I was in Maine looking out over the Atlantic Ocean and so thankful that I got that time to read and enjoy another of Fannie Flagg’s wonderful tales.  She is another one that I find myself marking the pages and highlighting and exclaiming ……. what a wonderful and poignant thought.

I promise you will love it and learn a little and enjoy a lot!!!!

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