We get by with a little Help from our Friends!!! Or is my Butt too Big?

I just love doing my Friday thing and my coffee thing!!! Lacey and I spend Fridays at The Pour working on my book and drinking lots of yummy coffee. About two weeks ago, I decided to add a section at the back of each chapter called “Hope Nuggets.”  I asked that you help me pick your favorite ones, and you did!! I am so grateful and enjoyed your feedback so much so I need help from my friends again. But before I ask you to pick from our nugget list, let me tell you a little tiny thing, well kind of a big thing on my mind. Kind of a big butt thing.

I am reading one of my fave authors right now, and she was talking about her body image and all that jazz that us women have a rough and tumbling time with.  It seems to be the topic of our conversations if not with others but with ourselves always!!!  I am trying to have a healthy attitude now at age 60; don’t you think it is about time? But to be honest, at the same time I really, really want to lose weight not just because I want to be healthy, but DARN IT, I want to look good and feel good about my appearance just one more time before I leave this round globe!!  I want to fit into my jeans without wiggling this way and that way. I want to put on a sports bra without it being an Olympic event.  I want, I want, I want… but do I want to do, to do, to do?

So besides you helping me pick out your fave hope nuggets, I wanted to share a little of my heart with you and it is this!!  I am searching for the balance (I really don’t like that word) between being healthy and living healthy and looking like I want to look.  I learned that no matter how old or how beautiful you are, I think we all struggle a little or a lot here.  I saw the most beautifully fit woman in the gym this morning, and she did not know it!!!! I wanted to shout and say, “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME, DO YOU SEE YOURSELF? I WANT YOUR BUTT!  HOW ABOUT THOSE BEAUTIFUL ABS!!!”  Then I remembered we all need a little help in how we see ourselves.  We all need a little help from our friends. (more on this subject later)

Okay just like me, this writing is up and down and all around, but now lets get back on task!!!  So now the exercise for you is to pick your fave hope nuggets!!! Top 5 make it at the end of the chapter, and I hope you hold them in your heart.  The cool thing about your heart, is that it is the one part of our body that we are okay being filled up!!!!!


2019 Hope Nuggets: 

  • When we extend grace to others, we think we are helping the recipient, and yes to an extent, we are, but the magic happens in us.
  • I have a story to tell, and it must be told because I am the only one that can tell it. 
  • When my heart is fully open, I can fully love all of you because all of you can love all of me.
  • “I love messages that step on my toes and take me straight to Jesus.” -Lisa Terkeurst 
  • I am not self-assured – I am God-assured.  
  • You can find something to praise about just as easily as you can find something to complain about. 
  • “If it rains, bottle the water and sell it.  If crap falls from the sky, package it and sell fertilizer.  If it is sunny, plan a garden. Use what you and you alone have been given.” Chop Wood, Carry Water
  • Happiness is an inside job.
  • I have learned that my peace, my happiness, and my joy can never be determined on the joy or the happiness of another.
  • I know that a grace-shaped life changes your heart.  It is much live giving love. The more you give it, the more you have it.
  • Adversity has a way of stripping away the things that lack value.  
  • Perhaps our purpose is revealed in the areas of our greatest pain. 
  • Out of the darkness comes stories of redemption.
  • Being vulnerable with your heart wide open, all of it, allows others to feel safe to open their hearts as well. 
  • Darkness forces us to find our faith; it forces us to let down our guard and let other humans be wonderful and love us deeply. 
  • I have learned to be truly content and happy right here, right now, where I am, with what I have. 
  • Taking care of myself is a full-time job.  No wonder I avoided doing it for so long.

Thanks for being so very very sweet and joining on this book writing, life affirming, journey!!!!

I love you lots and lots!!!




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