Hope Nugget Helpers Rejoice!!!!

I am so thankful so very very thankful for all of you!!!! EVERY SINGLE one of you!!!!  Truthfully my Hope Nuggets are you!!!!  But as I said,  I am pulling little pearls of wisdom and hope and happy out of my writings for that year and sharing at the end of the chapter.  So these are the ones that you all voted on last week and so drum roll or jelly roll whatever you wish, here they are:

  • You can find something to praise about just as easily as you can find something to complain about.

  • Happiness is an inside job.

  • I know that a grace-shaped life changes your heart.  It is much like giving love. The more you give it, the more you have it.

  • Being vulnerable with your heart wide open, all of it, allows others to feel safe to open their hearts as well.

  • Darkness forces us to find our faith; it forces us to let down our guard and let other humans be wonderful and love us deeply.

I am also thankful that the Pour is the perfect place to write and feel love and goodness and hope and all things lovely. I ran into a friend today Melissa and as Lacey and I started to pray for our meal, I hollered across the room!!!  Hey sweetie, come join us, lets pray together, lets rejoice together. I have found that together we are so much better. Life is better, Hope is brighter and life is sweeter.
Love Love Love this life and YOU!!!

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