Half Ass Measures avail half ass results ( thus leading to a big ass)

For the love of Pete, for the love of all things exercise holy I did that thing I swore I would not ever do again. I promised that if I got there I would never return. I promised myself that I would keep up the good work and stay with it. I felt so strong, powerful, healthy, energetic, and many other healthy adjectives. I felt proud.  Last time I got in shape, oh say for the thousandth- bagillioneth time, I said never again would I return to flabby unfit land. But here I sit.

I have been  doing my exercise life totally half ass!!!  I remember when my husband would go to AA they have a saying, half measures avail us nothing!!! Well I think that applies to more than sobriety. I think it is fitting for life as well.

I am not sure if you have ever done this or am I the only one? I really don’t think I am because if not, we would all be walking around strutting our svelte bodies.  It is not just about looking good, it is more about feeling good at this age. Although I admit I feel better about myself if I can rock those bluejeans without calling the neighbors to help me put them on.

Thankfully I am doing the #last90days challenge and I am really paying attention to moving my body each day and trying to drink that oh so boring water among a few other healthy habits.  I have been absent from Orange Theory because I am a little embarrassed that I have been such a slacker. To be fair life has been super duper full, but come on that is really NO excuse.  It may be an excuse but not one that I am willing to accept!!! There is something that happens when you push your body further than you think it can go and it is easier to do that in a room full of others doing the same. You know what they say, “You are like the folks you hang out with.” I guess OTF is a better spot to find friends than the ice-cream shop so back I go.  Maybe I can wear a disguise so they do not know it is me, maybe they will think oh that is some other happy short girl!!!

So why this blog about being a slacker?  I want to come clean and share where I am at this time and let you know for the trillionth time I will try again to get in shape and stay in shape.  I totally climbed some stairs today and was so hoping that the people I was with did not hear my extra breaths!!!! I just smiled and hoped they could not see or hear the heavy panting. It was a hint to me today that this half-ass way of doing it is not cutting it for me.  I am as you already know not a half ass person!!!

Pro tip before I go…. “Don’t chug a big can of sparkling water before you do Pilates”

I would really love to hear from any of you who have done the silly half ass dance and tried again and again to be consistent. And if you are one of those skinny girls who say, “I don’t do anything and I just can not seem to keep the weight on.” Well I love you but maybe you keep that to yourself.

Ps.  See you at Yoga in the morning

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2 thoughts on “Half Ass Measures avail half ass results ( thus leading to a big ass)

  1. I’m exactly where you are. I was doing pretty well until we went out of town a few weeks ago since then it’s hit or miss at best. You hit me right where I needed to be hit. So along side of you……for the trillionth time I’m heading back to my workouts and healthy eating and being…and yes drinking that boring water. Thanks😍

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