I Rise Affirmation!!!

I RISE today because I can!!!

I RISE today because I have opportunities to change my world with kindness.



I RISE today because I am able to do far more with faith than I could alone.

I RISE today with joy and enthusiasm and anticipation of a GREAT day!

I RISE today with gratitude deep in my soul and pouring out of my being.

I RISE today because God has graced me with another day to love and to share that love.

I RISE today so that I can go forth and show others that with the right atitude I CAN and I WILL!!!

I RISE today because together we are stronger and wiser and more hopeful,

I RISE today to say Thanks, Thanks, Thanks I love this place!!!

And so it is.

Ps. The picture has nothing to do with the affirmation or maybe it does because it was a moment in time, a spontaneous moment of happy pure happy!!!

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