Full Moon Musings

“The love, kindnesses, and value we have given authentically to otherws will be our remaining treasures at the end of life.”  ~ Steve Brunkhorst


Dear Hugh,

Another full moon and the wonder of the life I had and continue to live because I have know great love still astounds me.  When the moon shines in the night sky I always smile real big because of the gift of it greeting you so warmly as you elevated to another place. A place where I suspect you cheer for me and act as a conduit of blessings in cahoots with the Big GUY!!

I have a couple of friends who have lost their loves and they are early in their grieving.  Thankfully both of them were blessed with amazing men who left a lovely legacy of kindness and love.  I am praying for them in our praying spot, they don’t know it but I suspect they will feel that healing presence.  I wish I could give them a formula so they could avoid the pain and the deep sadness. I wish I could love them through it and around it and over it. I know however that grief is the one thing yoiu have to go smack through the middle of to experience healing.

I know it sounds silly but I plan on telling them my secret of watching The Gilmore Girls and getting lost in the dialogue and the characters and the sweet little town.  I want to tell them about all the hours I watched the Office and laughed in the bed all by myself.  I used whatever method that was decent and lifting to help me find my footing. Laugher was my mainstay. There is something about laughing and feeling joy that is salve for the wounds of life.  I think part of that is because we laughed so mucgh together. I think this method of grief therapy would please you for sure.

Speaking of the fickle nature orf grief, I thought I was really doing well and had thougth that I was makign some really good progress.  Then a song came on about, Being in love with your best friend and that heavy lump came upon me so fast.  I was not expecting it and I just asked God to be the comforter that He is so expert at being and all was well with my world. I miss you, oh how I miss you. I love it when people talk about you and tell me how wonderful I already know that you are. I am still so proud to have been your wife and I still relish telling people how very kind you were to me.

The thing about kindness abd husbands is this. If your loved one, your husband, your friend treats you as kind or kinder still than they people they see out in the worl then you have an everlastin gft.  Hugh, you did that..  You treated me kinder than anyone. I was the most important, next to your  Dad of course. I suspect that is why we were so well suited. We had life in the right order and it made the biggest difference in our life together.  Thanks so much sweetie, for giving me such a beautiful life with you that it has been everlasting and ever giving.

Thanks for changing my life or good with your perfect brand of love and kindness. I will never be the same and for that I am so grateful!!!

Loving you so much and so grateful and so filled with awe of this life,



ps. you know how I lovce to end with happy adjectives and words and descriptive words and lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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