The Best I can do!!!!! Beachy Love note November 2019

“When I fail to pray the best I can do is the best I can do. I forfeit my spiritual potential. But when I pray, the best I can do is no longer the best I can do. The best I can do is the best  God can do.” ~Mark Batterson

I about flipped when I read this in a book I am reading now, Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson.  This has been the truth of my life and ESPECIALLY my business life.  I have to be totally and transparantly honest and tell you that I am NOT the smartest, the MOST creative, the MOST organized…. for sure. When I first started my business I knew that I was enjoying working, loved being of service, loved helping others succeed. What I did not do.  is have it all figured out. What I also did not do, is let that stop me.  I asked God to go with me on the adventure and show me along the way what I should do.  Oh yes, I messed up and I bet I will again but the cool thing, the amazing thing is the sky is the limit for me if Prayer is my tool for business and life.

When I started out I was so excited each time I reached a new level of my business and looked back and said, oh my how did I get here???  In the seasons of business when I forget for even a moment, that it is not always about me and I forget to give it to God, I can hit a wall and thankfully that thump on the head is my reminder. Another truth that I have discovered and that has brought me peace is the belief that all the things that are happening to me are for my good, and if I beieve that and I DO, then that means everything. It means when agents go to another business home that is their path and I lovingly send them on their way knowing that each twist and turn takes me to EXACTLY where I am meant to be.  I am grateful for the lessons we learned together and it is all a part of it and none of it can be discounted. Each step takes me and them to the next step.  God seems to send the most excellent and the most loving and kind people in my path, coming and going, each with a grand lesson of love and life.

I am more excited than ever about this next decade and my belief that God is placing the perfect situations and the best people in my path, so that we can be a blessing to each other and to others. When I look back and see what has happened in my life, I know it is a full blown wide open, full throttle miracle!!! EVERY bit of it, EVERY person, EVERY heartache, EVERY misstep!!!! It all came together to get me here, and I love here. And I love here with the people that I am with!!!

As we end this year, lets vow that, “The best we can do is NOT the best we can do if we ask God to be a part of what we do and  work hard, love big, love strong and give the results to God and whoa Nelly, hold the barn door we are about to rock this next decade.”  ~ karen

I pray you receive this strong message of faith and love as a deep welling up of my soul. I could not hold it back and I had to share that I am so thankful and so grateful and so excited about today and tomorrow and so honored I get to do it with all of you!!!

with the greatest of love and commitment,


ps. I still can’t keep up with my keys or anything else but I have a real strong grasp of the love that dwells within me and want to pour it out on you!!!!

pss. I had some major dental work so I did not write my love note prior to the meeting and I think I did it just when I was supposed to!!!

2 thoughts on “The Best I can do!!!!! Beachy Love note November 2019

  1. Love Love Love knowingYou!
    Karen Smith❣️
    Thank you dearly for always sharing you precious
    Love Notes
    I miss all of you at Beachy Beach
    Im traveling my God given path
    of Jesus Calling,
    Stay Bubbly and Sweet Karen
    Love you

    1. Hey Cheryl,
      Forgive my slow response. I am still not the sharpest knife in the blogging drawer!!! I am so thankful when people read my thoughts. It is so sweet of you to follow.
      love you lots,

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