My Responsibility of Love!!!

This is hanging in my home and I believe it full tilt, all in, full throttle…. no holding back. The thing is…..remember that you are not responsible for how people treat you but you are 100 percent responsible for how you treat others.
You may go through some little trial, hey even some big ones but let me assure you that if your foundation is strong and it is secure in your beliefs and in the God that you serve then you will be A OK!!!! In fact the very thing that kicks you in the gut and threatens to take you down will be the very thing that lifts you UP and over.
Life is one big test of faith and character. Keep working towards passing the test, keeping your strong foundation. Don’t let your foundation of faith waver, it is the one thing you can count on in a world that you can not count on.
I love this and I pray that as I go through trials and my foundation is rocked that I will never ever forget to live a life that makes others feel better about who they are and loved deeply!!!

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