I have Decided!!!!!! Daily Affirmation

My happy ass note:  This affirmation was born because if we decide ahead of time how we are going to act and be and be that person, life is so much better. So decide one time to live a life that you want and to live it!!! ~karen

I have decided to only focus on those people and those situations that will enhance my life and the lives of others!!

I have decided that good will come if I look for it.

I have decided that my quest is to find those people that want what I want and that is a life of peace and kindness.

I have decided that I will wake up each day feeling enthusiastic about my life and my future.

I have decided to leave the past behind except for the valuable lessons that I have learned.

I have decided that what I speak about I will bring about and I speak of abundance and love and kindness.

I have decided to look for acts of love.

I have decided to share acts of love.

I have decided to be a servant of love.


I have decided to pray for those that  have wronged me.

I have decided each day to choose the life I want.

And so it is.

Loving you so,



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