This is what is on my mind to share with all you sweeties today!!!! I hope it blesses you in some way!

 Please know that NO ONE can make you feel less than or inferior or joyless without your permission. You have inside of you all the joy, all the love that you need and there is NO one on this earth that can take that from you.

The way to increase JOY , in  spite of any hardship or sadness find someone to share your love and in doing so the love that is in you will grow and the sadness will fade. It is such a powerful thing that you can truly turn in an instant with a heart filled with grace and Love. God is pure love and pure joy and pure hope….. when you think on that there is no way to feel anything but victorious. THIS MAY TAKE A LITTLE PRACTICE!!!  It is not from circumstances, it is not from other people, it is not from money it is grace and it is free but only when you receive AND then give it away.

God’s grace be with you and I pray that you take this into your heart. I pray that you be victorious and hopeful and filled with love.

With the sweetest of love for all of you!!!!


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