Frye Boots are Great but their People!!!!!!!

This was such an impressive Frye Store. The boots were so lovely and the selection was oh my!!! But what I wanted to take a moment and tell you about is the people who worked there. I mosied on in there since it was right next to my hotel in Nashville.

How people see you in your first impression on your job is a one shot deal and it is your style and your energy that will attract people. John was the first one I met but was not in there so I could not take a picture of his adorable self. He was so inviting, not pushy and just filled with the most inviting and happy energy. I knew he was awesome because he had a giving key on that his wife had given him.

The two cuties in the picture were so adorable and so stylish and so all that I just had to take their picture. Don’t you think we are adorable??? Their names are Jordan and Summer and Frye is in good shape with them. And if all that is not enough, there is something about a store that smells like leather.

The energy and the style make this a great store!!!

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