Old Baggage has got to go!!!!!

You have to unpack all the old baggage!!!

🥰Dear Happy Asses…

I have already confessed to all of you that I am an AWFUL packer and I hate to disappoint you in my abilities but I am even a WORSE unpacker. I used to let my bags stay sitting right where they landed when I got home from a trip. I then tend to go in and take things as I need them and unpack fully when I am ready for the next trip. OH MY!!! Those bags represent 2 different trips!!!!! Thankfully that does not extend to my real life, physically, mentally and spiritually ANY MORE!! I have learned a few tricks or life hacks along the way to allow me to leave behind those things that do not serve me and add more of those things that do serve my life.

Another little handy thing that I do when I travel is I pack lightly so that I have room for new stuff. This may not be the best blog for financial serenity and peace but stay with me. If our lives and our bags are packed to the brim there is no room for God to give us what he really wants to give us. I am really trying to practice that this year and so far I am doing pretty DARN good. I am learning that if there is no room when life gives me sweet surprises in the way of people and experiences I have no place for them…

Have you noticed that so many times we repeat the same things over and over and we wonder why in the world we are not getting different results? Each year I made promises to myself that I would lighten my load and really try to live a Present over Perfect life. I think I have mentioned this before but the fact that I love my job and my career so much made it so hard for me to leave room for the other things that God had for me. There was simply no room!!!

This year like other years I promised I would unpack, really unpack and not carry the same baggage around. This year instead of just saying it I actually did it. I will tell you that it is anything but natural. When I see something that needs to be done or I think needs to be done I am first to want to jump in headfirst. Thankfully I catch myself and remind me that those unpacked bags have got to go and that does not mean I can fill them right back up!!!!

Lets see how long this one sits here!!!!

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