It Ain’t Always Easy!!! But oh so Worth it!!

Fless those muscles, mind body and soul!!!

When I started fasting and studying the benefits over a year and a half ago I did not realize the impact on my mind and my body it would have. I have long since dropped the notion that I will be a little twiggy ever again but what I do desire with all my heart is to be healthy!!! To be healthy is the greatest advantage I can have to live a full life for the rest of my life.

Several people ask me about fasting and how to find out more about it and my first advice is to read the book The 17 Hour Fast. Another great resource is Jason Fung and his videos. For me, however, I feel so encouraged that the book that I go by was written by someone that I love and trust, Dr. Frank Merit. What is even more important than that is his motivation. His motivation was never and will never be money. His passion to create a desire for people to be healthy mind body and soul is the driving force for him.

Read the book and you will find out his why? Perhaps you need to find out your why so that you can reach your optimum health. I know my why!!! It is no longer to look adorable in a two piece, although I would not turn that down…… my motivation is to become the healthiest and strongest version of me!!! I have much to do in the next 30 years!!!

Tonight, I will be honest I would rather run to the kitchen for a snack because there is nothing else to do , hunger is not the driving force, just a little food entertainment along with a good read… YET, I have seen the benefits so that little bit of delay rather deny will be my mantra tonight.

I would love to hear how you are doing and what benefits and joys you have found with Intermittant Fasting. Happy fasting and oh as I was writing this I remember I have not had any sugar since December 6 so yahoo for me!!!!

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