Just one more time!!!! Or Why Weight Watchers Does not work!

Disclaimer: If you are expecting a deeply profound blog this is not it. And if you think I am discrediting weight watchers that is also not it. I know it works for people who work it, I am just not that people!!!

IF you always do, what you always do, you will always get what you always got!!! I can not remember who said this…. so forgive me but it is powerful.

Y’all, I had this most profound blog or so I thought in my head about connecting to the power you have within and all that jazz and I really do want to write about that but that will be next week’s happy note. I was all prepared with what I thought would be such a GREAT blog and a friend sent me the most hilarious woman, Leanne Morgan, talking about Weight Watcher’s and why it does not work. The woman is a total hoot!!! Check her out!!!

First of all my friend Laura sent it to me because NUMBER 1, I could have been the woman talking about this because I was that woman. And NUMBER 2, she remembered that I also attempted Weight Watchers about 8 or 9 times in person and online with the sum net of no weight loss!!! In fact, I think I gained weight, I never was good at math and counting all those points. SO LET ME SHARE THIS LADIES JOKE, “She said that she had joined Weight Watchers 9 times and she had lost 7 pounds!!! “

Not only did I not do what they said, I would show up for one meeting and sign up for one on line and then I never showed back up either in person or on line. So truth be told I have no idea if it works or not because I did not at any time do what they told me to do AT ALL!!!

I know that us humans get like that. We see something and we want it and we want the results, but do we want to do what we have to do to get the results? Not sure about you but I know that I fall prey to that a lot. Seriously I am not kidding I can not tell you how many weight watchers booklets and charts and weight calculators are in my junk drawers as evidence of my insanity. I kept going back for more knowing full well I was not going to do what I needed to do.

I have bought every book, I have tried every crazy thing but I would not stick to it because it was either too restrictive or just, TOO, TOO, TOO!!! I am not good at counting or measuring or as I mentioned showing up to meetings. What I finally discovered I was good at was intermittent fasting. That works for me. I am cool with that. I don’t have to count, I just have to stop eating at a certain time and start back at a certain time!! Yahoo finally something that works for me.

So I finally figured out that doing the same thing just one more time was still the same dang thing and it did not work for me. I wised up and tried something different and stuck to it. I know that many things work in life for different people but we do have to put the effort in and follow the program. I am so thankful that life is so filled with grace for you and for me and I am over the top thankful for people who make us laugh at ourselves.

I LOVE that you let me share the deep and the not so deep. I adore you all, I really adore you. You make my life so much happier and brighter.

Ka-run, loving and laughing through life with you!!!!

ps. Bridgett, my bookkeeper had to help me figure out how to cancel my WW membership on line at least 4 times!!!!! I bet they will not even allow me back in if I try!

pps. Laughing at myself is a fun exercise!!!

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