Bend to the Light!!! Hope Nuggets

Basking in the light of the Pour!!!

Today is my writing day, It is Friday. It is cold outside but so cozy and sweet in here. The smells, the laughter, the quiet and not so quiet. I love it here. Although there is not much natural light in this cozy coffee shop, there is much light radiating off the humans.

A mom group was meeting in here today. Some were chasing kids, some were bouncing kids but I suspect that most of them were connecting with each other. How smart are they? I think they must know a secret that I had to learn. It is in the connections with others that we get to find light when we have none.

Going through my 2015 love notes I found lots of talk about our words, no secret there I love words. I mostly love words that illuminate us!!! I talked much about light and bending to the light and stretching and growing and digging deep. I think I liked that year looking back. I hope you find somethng that makes you happy.

  1. It is in the stretching and going further that I realize just how far I can go.
  2. There is only one way in high heaven to win an argument and that is to avoid it.  Dale Carnegie
  3. Would you rather be right or happy? I choose HAPPY full stop. Every time.
  4. A simple change of words can change your heart!!!!!
  5. Replacing the negative with positive is like planting lovely flowers in your garden so that the weeds can’t grow.
  6. We want justice for ourselves and mercy for others. ~ not sure who said this.
  7. I have learned that my emotions are NOT dependable but my beliefs of faith and the power of my thoughts are reliable every single time. 
  8. The present is always a chance to begin again, a light-filled moment. ~ A Return to Love
  9. The meaning of life is to find your gift- The purpose of life is to give it away. ~ William Shakespeare.
  10. Nothing great in life was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  11. Faith can take you farther than you can see.

Quick story about sunflowers, my fave flower before I leave you to cast your vote on your fave hope nuggets. Sunflowers naturally bend towards the sunlight and in the absence of the sun, they bend towards each other. When you have the light share it and when you need it bend towards the light in your fellow earth traveler.

So many of you precious ones continue to be the light I look to. Thanks for being that light. I love you deeply!!!!

grateful and extremely illuminated by you!!!!


ps. The food is delightful here as well

pps. I got another chapter finished, yippeee!!!!!!

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