Lord show me. Morning affirmation.

Make me an instrument!!

Lord, make me an instrument of peace.

Lord, show me places where my love is needed.

Lord, show me where I can serve.

Lord, I know that service is the ultimate gift I give myself and my world.

Lord, make me a lover of all your kids.

Lord, make me to see the good and the glory in all your kids.

Lord, help me point out all the things people do right.

Lord, help me not find fault with myself or others.

Lord, show me where I can add value.

Lord, show me where only I can serve.

Lord, show me the path made clear by love.

Lord, help me see what a wondrous creation we are.

we all are.

We all are.

We all are.

And so it is.

Note: Affirmations are merely spoken proclamations of what you desire in your life. They are prayers to your creator who wants and desires for your life to be a wondrous adventure. Try it, I promise that saying it out loud, even before you believe, the saying of the postive and the wonderful will enhance your life, starting right now. TODAY!

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