Pure barre, pure happy!!!

Happy energy inside!!!22811th Ave. South
Make sure you visit these girls!!!

Hey y’all!!!!  I have only been in Nashville for a little over an hour and I have found happy adventure at every turn. I have never been in a pure barre class so here I go!!!!  When I walked in I was greeted with the most positive and gracious energy. It was not just me, it was everyone that walked in and out the door.

I am actually used to this type of atmosphere at Fitness Junky where there are NO STRANGERS and lo and behold I was met by 4 adorable young ladies.  I am super pumped because they are joining the Happy Ass group of lovelies!!! And by lovelies, I mean people who are lovely in how they treat people, lovely in how they treat themselves and lovely in how they give to others around them.

So you sweet happy asses, I must hop off of here and get to this class!! I will let you know how I THRIVE!!!!!

*Thanks girls, Kimmra, Alysa, Caitlin and Mary Taylor!!!

Ps. One of the girls is an athlete and she was unbelievable strong and poised but I felt better because she was eating a cookie!!

pps. This is their 4 year anniversary and they have cookies!!!!! Pop a balloon and win a discount!!

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