You Make My Crooked places straight!!

God, I accept that life has hills and valleys, starts and stops and even calamities that I may not see coming.

I accept that what may look like confusion or conflict is a breeding ground to build more trust in you.

You make all my crooked places straight.

I trust in you when life is tough, I trust in you when life is flowing along like a song.

God I accept that my way is not always the best way and that I have to think and pray and sit in the quiet of what is. 

I accept that what I see with my naked eyes is only a glimpse of the world that will be mine if I wait on you.

You make all my crooked places straight.

Uncertainty does not frighten me; it just nudges me ever so close to you where I know there is safety and peace.

I know that my human eyes can not see what my spiritual eyes can see, and I see you.

I see you keeping me and holding me safely in your loving arms.

I see you lifting me and putting  me on the path that will lead to calmness and peace.

I see you making all my crooked places straight. And so it is.

Note about this affirmation: Oh how I wish my sweet husband, Hugh Smith was here right about now. He would be such a calm voice and presence and together we practiced and believed that in all things God has the world in his hands. We did not worry because we believed that to be true. And when one of us was in need of this truth we doubled down and believed it for the other one until they could return to that truth. So it was his expression that rings in my ears and dwells in my heart, ” God will make all my crooked places straight.”

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