Panic and Pandemonium or Peace and Prosperity. Our Choice.

I know that is a long title, but I have been up since 5 am; not because I am worried about all this virus confusion and fear, but because I remember where my strength and hope comes from. I have been praying and reading and writing and imagining the best life possible for all of us. I have not been sitting here thinking about who did what or why, or if this is a conspiracy, or if our leaders are making horrible mistakes, or if it is real or not real, or if “they” are responsible for my peace. I know “they”  or “them” are never responsible for my peace or prosperity. It is deep within me and it is deep within you.

Right now as I type, I am thinking of all the things I have learned in the struggles and the challenges of life and I know that the answer lies somewhere in the middle of it all.  I know that when I was younger, I was really good at either having my head in the clouds, (Okay I still do that); or I was sticking my head in the sand and ignoring what was right before me.

I now believe that the answer lies somewhere in between up in the clouds or deep in the sand. For me, Yes, I do spend some time in the clouds because I imagine life as I know it can be while at the same time being honest about the reality of now. The same lessons and the beliefs that have brought me here will bring me, will bring you, to a better, more confident place again. I think the place that we want to be is in the middle of a place of peace and acceptance while tapping into all the lessons we have learned through our past adversities.

First step, acceptance. We are here right now and what do we do about it? Do we panic? Do we try to blame someone, or a whole government, or a specific party? No. There is no peace or progress in that. I will, however, look back on the things I know to be true and that have carried me through more difficult times. By accepting where I am now without judgement, I can start to be creative and learn to trust in the nature of mankind to find solutions.  

I know that the lessons learned in the valley moments of life will sustain me now.  I love that when all these virus challenges started happening, my daughter Britt called me up and reminded me that I do my best work in the middle of a crisis or a problem. She said this and it filled my soul: “You were built for this Mama.”  This is not to say that we look forward to problems, and most especially one that is so daunting as this, but it is to say that we can find peace and even thrive in the midst of it.

I have to remember that roots grow from the bottom of the tree in fertile well-tilled soil and not from the top. I think right now, as we walk daily in a place that is not familiar, and the future is so unknown; we are all digging deep, really deep. We are depending on, and relying on, the same God that was God and has been God and will be God. For me, I cling to that, and I take the strength that has been forged through tough times and not easy times and rely on those lessons learned; and above all I stay at peace in the middle of the storm.

I am thankful, so very thankful, that we have each other. While we have to keep our spatial distance for now, let’s make sure we do not keep a heart distance. Let’s blend one voice with praise and thanksgiving and know that this too will pass. We just don’t know when or how, but we know that together we have what it takes to stand up under any adversity that life sends our way. Praying for peace and a calm spirit for all o us.

I love you all so very much!!!


ps. I really look forward to this time I get to share with you each week.

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