Thanking, my favorite part!!!

I just finished another great book and I realized as I was reading the acknowledgments, THAT is what I can not wait to do!!! I can not wait until I get to thank all the people that I need to thank. Won’t that be the most fun? Getting to the end of my book and I will be able to PRAISE all the people who got me here. All the people that believed in me more than I believed in me.

Isn’t that the most rewarding thing about life? Having People to thank? Having people to be grateful for?

I believe that we are going to awaken to our finest hour as humans. We know the darkest nights always lead to the brightest of days. The most tempest-tossed seas make us grateful for a calm landing at the shore. The most arduous lessons are the ones that we remember the deepest and even fondly because we realize it is what has made us fully who we are. Fully who we are to live a life grander than we ever could imagine.

I think as we all and I mean ALL of us go through this seemingly science fiction saga we are living through, I suspect that the thing we will remember most at the end of it…. on the other side of it, is all the people we need to thank.

Note: This blog was sparked by reading the acknowledgments in Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. She spent so much time thanking people and that hit me straight in the heart. That is what I can not wait to do.

And by the way, read the book she did a GREAT job!! Fun read. Lots of character development.

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