Don’t wait till you are Ready…. That’s too late.

“Are you ready?” Klaus asked finally.  “No,” Sunny answered. 

“Me neither,” Violet said,

“But if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” ~ Lemony Snicket; The Ersatz Elevator ( Everything is Figureoutable)

There are about 10 plus things I could write about this week but as I was reading Marie Forleo’s book again EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE I knew I had to talk to you about this. While this is certainly my absolute commandment  in my own words, I believe I will always figure it out. Her way of saying sounds way more catchy and fun but both ways it is absolute TRUTH. I have discovered this the hard way and easier ways at times. 

When I was younger I wanted to be a cheerleader, I thought I had to be really great and I was convinced I was not worthy enough to make it and so for years I would not try out.  I was too embarrassed at the prospect of failing, so it was less humiliating to just not try. I knew that I was not like those other girls flipping and turning and they were all pretty and I was just kind of cute. Sweet, happy, exuberant and kind of cute. But what I did not factor in about myself is that when I am in, I am all in. I am Enthusiasm plus a few extra levels.  So to wrap this part of the story up, finally after several years in highschool of feeling not ready and not good enough, I tried out my senior year and I made it!!! 

Because I believed I needed to be all ready, I missed out on many things. I thought I had to be great to begin and that is simply not true. It is a crippling belief that kept me from trying many things. Thankfully I grew out of that and into the belief that I could learn to fly once I got in the air!!

I could give you so many examples of times in my life that I tried many things way before I was ready for them. I finally grasped the idea in life that if I was ever going to be anything or achieve anything of value I simply could not wait till  I was ready. I developed over the years the attitude that if God put a desire in my heart and it was coupled with helping and serving others then by George all I needed was a big dose of enthusiasm and up and over I went.

I heard a story one time of a gymnast who was afraid of the high jump…. Don’t worry that is one thing that I don’t think will ever be  figureoutable for me. So the gymnast, frightened and wringing her hands , looked with fear in her eyes at her coach. He put his hands on her shoulders and told her. “You know what to do, “ Just throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow.”

All of us were not ready for what has come our way. Would we have ever been ready for this? I don’t think we could have.  In the case of what we are walking through now, knowledge is not enough, preparedness was not even an option. But I do know this,  our energy and our fortitude will lead the way. You can study and grow as you go —- not before you go. We are here, right now, ready or not here we are and what do we do with it?

I believe we will all find our way. We don’t have to have all the answers right now.  I know that there are always opportunities in each and every situation and this one is no exception. Things may not look the same or even feel the same but I believe and know that the ONLY way that I can make this one life as full as I know it can be, I have to throw my heart over the bar and my body will follow.  

I pray that as we all wrestle with the unsure of today we will know and trust that we simply don’t have to have all the answers to live a full and productive life. I look forward to seeing what adventure awaits us all. WE got this!!!

Love ya lots,


Ps.  Even homeschooling is figureoutable!!!!!  

Pps. I just don’t ever want to do it again!!!

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  1. I have known this feeling all to often, as I’ve grown older I have learned that “Dread” was holding me back, no more.

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