Put on your Waders!!!!

There is freedom waiting for you, 

On the breeze of the sky,

And you ask, “What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling, 

“What if you fly?” ~Erin Hanson

Last week we talked about how you need to be ready before you are ready!!! About how you can not wait till you are all SET  to move, because sometimes that is too late. This week I want to talk to you about getting ready for what you want and be dressed and ready for the miracle of the day!!!  

I know as a young girl my mom always said you need to  get up, get all gussied up and ready for the day. Dress like something wonderful is going to happen so you are ready for it. Now I am sure I am paraphrasing for her but that was the intent, dress for success, dress to feel good about who you are and what you are about to do. So that got me to thinking about a story that I read in the Circle Maker and I thought how appropriate for us right now!!

So the story goes…..(As re-written by me)

There was an awful drought in  the Mississippi Delta  over 55 years ago.  The land was parched and the people were suffering in a terrible oppressive kind of way.  The drought was destined to destroy their whole season of crops and their livelihood so a rural church bound together in prayer, calling an emergency prayer meeting.  As we would say in the south, a whole pile of them showed up with their prayer clothes and attitudes on.  They were mostly dressed in their ordinary overhauls, but one man came dressed for a miracle. He had on his waders!!!!!

The author said he got some funny looks, much like I am sure Noah did in his day but he decided to dress for the occasion. And the occasion for him was he was dressed for his miracle.  This old seasoned farmer with his childlike faith said, “Well if we are praying for rain, I don’t want to walk home wet.”  And as the story ends, God provided the much needed rain and the faithful farmer walked home nice and dry and thankful.

I know that now we are all wondering what in the world to dress for!!!  I know that just like my mama told me, I feel better when I dress for what I believe is coming my way. If I have the attitude of an old messed up robe and such then I can not imagine I will be thinking too many successful rain producing thoughts.  We have had such a challenging time but the good thing about all of us is that we are built and designed for this.

We all know how to dress our bodies and better yet our minds to be ready for the “what Ifs”  I don’t mean the what if I don’t make it, I mean what if I fly? What if the things I am doing now seals the deal for my future prosperity and my success? What if I how I dress up my education and my business now makes me climb? What if, just what if the very things I do right now are a set up for something more grand than I could ever imagine?  

I don’t know about you but I am going to put on my waders!!!

All my biggest love to you!!


Ps. Dear Lord please send an angel of mercy to deliver us from Homeschooling

Pps.  Seriously this homeschool stuff is making Jesus and me real tight!!!!

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