Being Bad at Something New!!!!

God take my hand and lead me.

I am willing to be bad at something new,

I don’t have to be great to start- I just start.

I begin with one step, one sentence, one attempt, then another.

I know trying new things or returning to longings in me were put in me by you,

I am ready because you are ready to walk with me and applaud my efforts.

Fear is my enemy but adventure into the new is my friend.

Let love and giving of my heart be my motive.

Daring greatly-living big-living with joy- embracing the new.

Let every day be a new day to learn and grow and love and so it is.

*Note about this picture on this affirmation. I decided a picture of me laughing was perfect when we are trying new things. I know that laughing at myself and allowing others to laugh at me and with me is key to being okay with being not so okay, at first. I would rather risk being uncomfortable to move to become the most abundant and joyful version of me. I can only do that by pushing the envelope and seek whatever God has for me. Thanks for letting me mess up and do life with you and get up and try again.

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