Eating my words before I laid them out before you!!!

I wrote a tongue in cheek and a little snarky blog about a celebrity divorce and while I did not mention their name it was quite obvious who I was talking about and as I read it, although parts of it clever, it did not pass my test. And it hit me smack in my heart when I read my very own affirmation that I wrote for this week. As I typed the last words I was convicted and I knew that my heart and soul did not align and there was no integrity in my words.

As I read the lines in my affirmation, I knew I could not post that blog:

Does it elevate? No actually it did not, it poked fun and passed judgment on something I know nothing of!

Does it speak love, bring hope, mercy or kindness? Once again, nope I was second guessing their motives and none of that is any of my business.

Can I change a life? foster a dream? change the course of a fellow traveler towards God’s light? Once again, I was doing none of this by dissecting the life of another human that is only God’s to do. What is that verse in the bible, “Who amongst you is without sin? Which one wants to throw the stone? I had to put down my stones. All of them, they are too heavy to carry. I also know that the same stones I throw can be used to hurl back at me.

All of these words that were my own from my heart stopped me but none stopped me like the last line of the affirmation:

“Let the words of my mouth ring true long after they leave my lips” And so it is

I did not want anyone to read that other blog and see the words that were not life giving and if that was all they knew of my writing ,what does that say about what I want to ring true long after the words have left my lips?

Actually the only part of the blog worth repeating were some wise words from my Mary Kay Director Mary. She said, “Don’t ever take advice from someone you would not trade places with.” This has been my steadfast barometer and meter when deciding what to follow and believe. It has served me well. And one more that I live by before I go and post this much more Karen like blog. “I can not hear what you are saying over how you are living.”

I pray that I can try my best to live my life in such a way that my words and my actions and my heart all line-up. And when they do not, I have to hit delete.

3 thoughts on “Eating my words before I laid them out before you!!!

  1. Love this Karen! One of my favorite verses that I have to say to myself all the time is Psalm 19:14”Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.

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