Would the View Be as lovely?

If I didn’t have to toil at times would the view at the top be as lovely?

Would I appreciate the sunrise if it looked the same everyday?

Would I appreciate wellness if I never experienced its opposite?

Lord I am so grateful that you have walked with me in some dark times

So I can do a wide eyed and loud hosanna shout in the happy times!!!

I have learned so many lessons and have seen the kindest parts of humanity in the times of struggle.

I have discovered gifts that I would only have found underneath a mound of struggle

I am so thankful that you are always on time to save me.

I am so thankful my history with you assures me that worry is not my default, faith is.

Calm, patience and being grateful in the meantime.

When I see something that makes me want to react, I know to respond with love instead.

When I hear something that does not ring true in my ears or my heart- I seek your voice.

God I am so thankful, so very thankful for all of it. It is in all of it that I have any of it. And so it is.

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