Batter Up!!!!

Rebel and her whole family had her heart!!! All of it!!!

First of all I could not have been more tickled as I was scavenging through thrift shops in Andalusia to find treasure, pure treasure, worth untold amounts of adventure and glory and truth and happy!!!!! I found all kinds of hardback books and if I could I would have plopped right down and read them right there but instead I carried stacks of them and laid them  along with my other happy discoveries.

One of my favorite finds was 3 hard back Old Chicken Soup for the Soul books, now don’t roll your eyes, there are some precious stories in those pages.  And you know I am about to impart one of my ABSOLUTE favorite ones.  I think we might all be able to  use a big heaping dose of Chicken soup today.

As I was driving home from work one day, I stopped to watch a local little league baseball game that was being played in a park near my home. As I sat down behind the bench on the first baseline, I asked one of the boys what the score was.

“We’re behind 14 to nothing,”he answered with a smile.

“Really,” I said, “ I have to say you don’t look very discouraged.”

“Discouraged?” the boy asked with a puzzled look on his face. “Why would I be discouraged? We haven’t been up to bat yet.” ~Jack Canfield.

I want to be like that!!!!  And sometimes I am like that but at other times I am afraid to even pick up the bat.  A friend lost her battle with cancer today. She was one of those that was always ready to sing, batter up!!!  She did not swing the bat loud and proud for others to see. She was more like whispering to the other batters, you can do it. Let’s help you get there. Let’s help you raise money for these kids for Christmas. Roxanne would run around and help me gather gifts, all the while never wanting to be the batter up!!! She was the encouragement, the quiet coach so to speak. 

I know those that knew her are saying, oh my she was not quiet about what she believed, she would sure let you know. She LOVED to poke fun at people who were bad parkers in her facebook page Parking Fails!!!  I wonder why she never had my picture there since I am admittedly one of the worst parkers on the planet. I think she did not want to hurt my feelings!!

Nope, she spent her time telling me that she was proud of me. She was a soft spoken cheerleader for me.  The least I can do is cheer loud enough for her and not be afraid to pick up the bat, because I still can. 

While we are blessed to breath and walk this planet, I hope we will  remember to pick up the bat and be excited about what is to come. And if we like Roxanne are not much of a batter we can be the inspiring coach and yell…. Batter up!!! You can do it. Yes you can.

This blog is for the spunky and sweet memory of Roxanne Turnipseed!!!  I promised you yesterday I would take good care of your family!!!  We plan on having the best Yard sale ever in the history of all yard sales. If someone gives me enough money I might part with one of my Chicken Soup for the Soul Books!!!

Watch out for any bad parkers in heaven, Roxanne. We love you and perhaps there are even some lovely painted rocks there just for you!!!

Night Night, We love you.

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