Procrasti-traveling-clutter and such!!!

From Mess to Yes!!!!  These delightful girls who love lots of color and organization took their business from books to their very own  Netflix organizing sensation. The Home Edit with Clea Shearer, she is the one that loves champaign while color coding and Joanna Teplin is the petite one with the adorable big heart sweater.  JEALOUS.  It aired on September 9 and I have already blown through all the episodes!!!  All that was left for me to do was to go to our local Office Depot and get some colorful files armed with a label maker and voila I am in business, for NOW!!!

This could be called our part two of my purging journey in my home and my office. I am delighted with my new vocabulary of procrasticlutter and deslobification and I have added my own new one.  Procrasti-traveling-clutter.  I realized that I tend to just move the clutter from one place to another and thus we still have relocated clutter!!! Relocated clutter is still clutter. Dang!!! 

And y’all back to my book that I have been reading, Decluttering at the Speed of Life, she continues to wow me with concepts such as Duh-clutter.  Like, DUH anyone should know this is clutter so just get it out of there. I think I love that the whole book takes a topic that gives me a tinge of anxiety and makes it something that I laugh at and look forward to exploring.

I think that is life!!!!! When we rename that thing that we are wrestling with in life whether it be a home edit or a life edit, and laugh at it and accept it, then it does not wield a big negative effect over us.  I have spent so much of my life calling myself less than kind names about my inability to keep a clean and tidy space.  I now  focus more on that which I can clearly get a little better and sometimes a little better is all I need.  Let’s face it on a scale of 1 to 10 I never hope to be a 10 but I sure am moving in the right direction.  

I just spent the last two days cleaning out my desk at my sweet office and in the process I have found receipts from as early as 2012 and many expired coupons and gift certificates.  What these dates tell me is that much of these items have traveled with me to several offices  through many life events.  So Procrasti-traveling-clutter at its finest.  I had to smile with a heart full up and overflowing as I found a gift certificate that Hugh, my sweet husband was in the process of sending to a client.  Surprise. They will get a gift from the great  beyond real soon.

I celebrate that whatever I am doing whether it is cleaning out my life, editing my life, and looking at all of it, I realize there is a wonder there if I choose to see it that way. My next grand adventure is finding a temporary place to stay while the walls of my house are torn down. I am excited that once those walls are torn down, what goes up in place of it is a better and more secure and more lovely future for me and my family.  

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