Purging!! Making beautiful, Empty space!!

This picture just makes me happy!!!! (My daughter Britt and I )

Lord, I need wide open spaces that are not filled up.

Space is lovely- open- inviting- ready for peace.

Clear, clean spaces make me happy.

In the clutter is confusion and unrest.

In the open spaces is quiet and contentment.

Rushing around looking is not great exercise that I laugh about, it is frustrating.

God help me purge all the things physical and mental that do not serve you, that do not serve others, that do not serve me.

There are things in life that are not needed for a well lived life, may I let go of those.

One day at a time living does not require an overstocked, too full, cluttered life.

God help me continue to rid my life of anything, any thoughts, any confusion, that does not add space and tranquility to this life that I am so grateful for. And so it is.

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