Jumping to spit!!! Tales of a short girl.

I have been wanting to write about jumping to spit for a few years now. I have laughed about it and I have told a few friends about it so now I want you to know why this cracks me up!!!  In case you didn’t know I am 4 foot 10… well in the spirit of total honesty I think I rounded that up. I don’t really know that I am short until people tell me I am and my feet don’t touch the ground or when I have to jump to spit!!!

I feel taller than I am and only really think about it when, say, the GAP puts the little sizes at the top. Go figure!!! Who in the world thought that up?  I also can NEVER ever reach the bottom of the floor when sitting in any chair unless it is in the kiddie corner of the doctor office. So yes that is where I sit!!!  But the thing that puts me over the edge is jumping to spit but I have learned to laugh about that and connect it to happiness.

The first time I realized that the new bathroom design was built for people the size of Abe Lincoln and not for Shirley Temple is when I went to a hotel a few years ago in Orlando. I realized that when I brushed my teeth I had to stand on my toes to get the water from the sink to my mouth and then to spit I had to jump to spit. At first I was a little aggravated and so I decided to change my perspective and laugh each time I had to do that.

Fast forward, and years later I have had to jump and spit in many places that I stay. So if you have an old fashioned home or hotel still built for little people I would like to know about it. Perhaps that is why I still have a 1990’s bathroom at my house so I can brush my teeth flat-footed.

The whole point of this silly short story is that I decided that each time I had to do this I would think a happy thought so instead of it aggravating me that I could not reach the sink, it was connected to a positive thought. I think God I am so thankful I have teeth to brush, remember I lost one upfront on the way to Maine one time.  I am thankful that I get to go on trips. I am thankful that I have feet to jump with and arms to reach with.

So all in all being 4 foot whatever does not stop me from doing all that I need to do, unless I need to reach the top shelf for shampoo and I just wait till a kind passerby passes by.

ps. People always say, “Wow you sounded taller on the phone.”

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