Thankful for the pain in my neck!!!!

“My body may be unravelling, but my spirit is growing and enlarging my soul’s desire for Jesus.”  ` Joni Eareckson Tada

While in Nashville I developed a quite painful pain in my neck and when I moved I screamed a little and was quite a sight in the 5 star restaurant.  It was painful but after a few days it was more aggravating than debilitating.  

The pain is continuing and is quite frankly a pain in my neck and I found myself complaining ever so little and  being annoyed by it.  I enjoyed a night out with friends but was most happy to climb into an epsom bath as it just continued to bother me. It was at the top of my mind and I was trying to wish it away and complain it away.

As I love to do while bathing….. You know I have to multitask and educate myself and inspire myself at all times soooo.  I turned on one of my favorite podcasts with my sweet beloved Bob Gpff and let me just tell you what came next.  God even orchestrates which Podcast I turn on so that I can get just the right message.

Joni Eareckson Tuda was only 17 when she dove into a body of water and never came up.  Her sister pulled her limp body from the water and now at age 72 she still lives life as a quadraplegic.  She is anything but limp in her approach to life and I assure you she does not spend any of her time complaining about the pain in her neck.

She is authentic and speaks boldly about all the simple things that we take for granted that she can not do and the reality that even though she has accepted and even embraced quadraplegic life, she still struggles with the sometimes unbearable pain.  Her mission was born out of 2 years of living at a facility flat on her back. She shares that while she had friends and family coming in and out and she had so much support there were many who did not. As she witnessed lonely hurting people her heart knew what she had to do.

She wanted to bring love and comfort to all of her fellow quadriplegics who were not as blessed as she was with support.  Her mission was to be’”God’s best audio visual aid of what it is like to have power show up in our weakness.”  WOW!!!! I heard her say that and I wanted to shrink back and take all my complaining about my neck and say, God thanks so much for my little pain in my neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joni is now in her 70’s and is still the rally cry for those that are hurting even though she herself is in great pain. She has taken her pain and turned it around. She knew that she had two choices, “Give up or Get Busy.” Because of her choice many families are loved and lifted and are living lives of purpose and triumphant.

So with that, all I have to say is, my neck still hurts but as I turn and it hurts, I am so thankful for that pain in my neck and the bounce in my step. There are so many things to thank God for so I will just keep on thanking.

3 thoughts on “Thankful for the pain in my neck!!!!

  1. Karen I used to think that pain is weakness leaving the body. Perhaps there is still truth in that. One of my favorite books asserts that ‘pain is the touchstone of all spiritual growth’. It does no specify physical pain from emotional pain. Over 8 years ago my life significantly changed and as a result of many surgeries I have continuous reminders that, yes, I am still very much alive and, yes, my leg is still attached. I frequently do not understand my creator’s purpose for me in the moment and then later looking over my shoulder I go ‘Ah Ha!. Not always but often.
    Anyway this is a marvelous journey pain and all and I finally get to live in Florida full time/year round.. Lucky me or Blessed me. Either way life is good.

    1. Thanks so much for your reply and the reading of my blog. I know that this silly but aggravating neck pain is temporary and I once had a brain disorder and was in pain all the time, till surgery. I am super thankful for where God has me now and I know that you are too!!! blessings to you and your whole house.

    2. Hey, Jack forgive this late response. As you may know, I have been sick for a long time. The joy of that is it has sent me screaming back to alanon where I know that I can find strength and hope. I love hearing from you and others in recovery because I know we are trying to be the best versions of who God designed us to be. This would be a great time in my life to talk to you and hear and feel his strength and wisdom.

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