Easter, Jazz music, and well-stocked shelves!!!!

Let me warn you that this blog may or may not be tied up in one big knot making any sense at all and the idea the three things go together, well let’s just wait and see.  Today is Easter, my absolute favorite of all fave holidays for me as  a Jesus follower. And I guess if you are not that is okay too because everyone and I mean everyone loves a redemption story. 

At the very least we have all been in need of redemption a time or two and as long as we breath I am sure we will need to fall into the arms of grace again and again.  So the idea that we celebrate the day that Jesus rose from the dead and gave his life for people that did not really even like him and some that did. The idea to sacrifice and love others more highly than yourself now that is good living.  I can get behind that kind of love.

After a year of covid quarantining and wrangling, we had a most wonderful family day by the pool with a picnic style lunch.  I hope I never ever take for granted our gathering together.  So let me get to the jazz and the fully stocked shelves part!! First do you want the good happy stuff or the slightly revealing of a deep dark dislike of mine?  I am warning you that you may not love me as much when I tell you.

I was hanging by the pool with my brother Greg, thus another redemption story and was tickled pink and relaxing after Jetts skateboard park birthday event.  Much to my chagrin a well intentioned fellow was playing Jazz music where we all could hear.  So now is the time I let you know that I absolutely dislike  jazz music very much. I almost used the word loathe but since it is Easter that would not be sweet. I am not sure why but I can not handle the sound of it at all and would rather listen to head banging and rap at the same time!!!  I know many of my friends just love it and heck elevators everywhere have it and doctors offices and all kinds of folks have big jazz festivals and it is music to their ears.  

I laughed at myself and realized that what a lovely life is mine when the only thing I can really think to complain about is jazz music traveling across the pool as I relax with a book. 

Now the fully stocked shelves part. The jazz music encouraged me to leave the pool and forget that it was the day before Easter and that  going to the Watersound Publix pre Easter would be madness!!!  Total madness!!!!   After driving around the parking lot several times to wait for another excited shopper to leave, I found the perfect spot.  Inside were about 5,000 of my closest friends.  Slight exaggeration but it felt like it. There was nowhere to turn and I just made my way through the isles the best that I could.

What impressed me the most was the obvious organization from  each person in all the departments and the management and how efficient they were.  The shelves were fully stocked!!! How in the world could they do that? It was like Covid, Hurricane and Easter shopping all in one event.  People were cart to cart!!!  

So I am telling you all this just to land in this one spot. As I was making my way through my 5,000 friends, I saw many folks that were less than thrilled but music to my ears was a man who found a positive take on the whole fiasco!!!  I heard him say, “Wow they sure are doing a great job keeping this store stocked!!!! “  That fellow is my kind of fellow and he was not playing any jazz music!!!!!

As I left the store I told the manager and the workers at the register that they were like the chick- fil-A of grocery stores!!!  And Praise be to all that  is holy there was no Jazz music.  I had to smile thinking about that man who found a positive note to the massively crowded store.  But if you think about it, the idea that any of us are able to drive our cars to the store, there is money in our pockets to shop with, most of them are on vacation with their families!!!!  So many wonderful reasons to be thankful and grateful, crowded stores, jazz music and all.

Blessings to all of you who have had your own redemption story or those who have witnessed redemption in your family.  I am so thankful for life and a home and for friends and for family and for this blessed Easter day.  May God shine his sweet face on you and give you peace!!!!

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