REGULAR SICK and all kinds of gratitude!!!!

I have not felt great for about a week, with a stuffy ears and little off kilter and just not my perky self.  And I am so DANG grateful because I am just REGULAR SICK!!!!  Don’t you remember when you just had an old cold, or the crud or a little pesky virus and you just took two aspirins and called the doc in the morning. Those were the days my friend!!!!

So today I took some good old fashioned antibiotics and yes even a small dose of steroids and even though being sick is not the most fun….. I found myself smiling and thanking God that I was just regular sick!!!  It was so encouraging to have a simple illness that just requires some Vitamin C, perhaps some D and meds from the pharmacy and carry on.

I went to the gym tonight and listened to Carrie Underwood’s new Album My Savior and Y”ALL!!!!    Y”ALL!!!!!!!!  I had a combo revival/workout and praise and worship time!!! As I was working out and thanking God that I was just REGULAR SICK, I found myself crying!!!  Crying and lifting my face to heaven in thanksgiving that I was able to be in a gym and celebrating my returning health. I was grateful.

As I was singing, to myself, don’t worry I am not that crazy…… “All that I’ve needed thy hand has provided”, I remembered that moving my body and filling my mind and my soul with good words, healing words, grateful words is some of the best medicine for my soul.  I was grateful.

I looked over at my son who was working out with all that was within him and I remember that only 2.5 years ago he was on a respirator with a machine doing his breathing.  And now I am watching him do things that  require a mind, a body and soul that is clean and sober.   I was grateful.

As I was jogging home from the gym while Carrie belted out, “How Great Thou Art” I was grateful that my house was torn up. I am living in an apartment meeting new friends, some life changing friends. I have a gym and a neighborhood that is perfect for now.  I would not have had this experience if my house had not been damaged.  I was grateful.

Tonight I may not get much sleep due to those steroids that I used to complain about but for now, I am so thankful to be REGULAR SICK!!!!  I will feel much better in a few days but I hope that I never ever take one single moment of this life for granted. I have been given so many gifts and so many blessings and many of them wrapped in a package that didn’t reveal the gift until I experienced it. I have been given grace, life, love, hope, peace and joy upon joy. I am grateful.

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