No Cape and Tiara needed, Only Love and Imagination!

I wish I could find that card that I bought for myself and have moved it from pillar to post and not sure which pillar or post I put it under. Yep, God is still working on me. So back to the card, it was a brightly colored card still in its wrapper wherever it is. It is a girl on a bicycle with her hair blowing in the breeze, saying,”With a cape and a Tiara I can change the world.”

Even though I have no idea what pile that card is under its truth still wells up in me but I know that it is much more than a cape and a Tiera. I need love and imagination and thankfully God has graced me with both. I do still believe I can change the world but thankfully I know I am not responsible for the whole world. I am just called to change myself to be the best me that I can be and then change my world and hopefully that will fan out to a bigger reach.

My life has brought me to this, in order to make a difference in my life and the life of others I am called to do more than believe. Yes belief in something is a start but it is only the start!!! If I am to do anything with that belief then I must follow, follow a principal, a faith, a God of love and power. Believing is only the tip of the iceberg and it will only serve me or others if I act on that belief.

In the beginning of the trek of Jesus, he did not really talk much about belief although important, he was mostly interested in us following him. I think he knew that if we took that action and threw down the gauntlet and followed in his truth we would find the sweetest life ever!!!

I believe that whether we are a Jesus follower or not, this truth is true for all of us.  Our belief will not change our life or the lives of others, but our actions will.

I am so thankful that in my actions I can try and try again to be the best version of me that can bring out the brightest and best in others. It is my hope that in the following I will learn more about love and more of the power of love and imagination to change my world, thus yes changing the whole world. But let it begin with me and so it is.

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