Dear Hugh,

Dear Hugh

Honey, it is a beautiful pink moon and my spirit must have known it because I was thinking of how you served others quietly but what a ripple effect that you left. I was working out in the gym tonight and I kept thinking of how you spent so much of your life serving quietly without any accolades because that is not what you were about. You spent hours on that porch talking to hurting men and praying with them and listening to them and loving them. There was no time limit. You were there until you did not need to be.

I think of how many families are different today because of you. When one member of a family finds recovery it ripples through the whole family. And when it ripples through the family it ripples through the community.

I can not look at the full moon without smiling and thanking God that he gifted me with you!!!! I miss you all the time and when something happy happens you are the first one I want to tell about it. I LOVE how excited you got for me when I got excited which let’s admit was much of the time.

On this full moon, I have so much to celebrate. You knew that one day the seeds that you planted would harvest and you were right Scotty and Sheldon are doing great. They credit you all the time for their recovery. You were such an amazing example of what a man should be in his spirit. As long as I live I will never quit thanking God for you and I suspect there are many families who feel the same way.

I love you Moon man and give Jesus a hug for me for all that he has done in my life!!!!

Full moon, full Heart!!!


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