Encouragement for the encourager, a lost kindle and a clean car.

How is that for a mouth full?  Believe it or not all those things wrapped up my day.  The only thing I did not rectify of all of those is my kindle is still lost and if you know me that is way at the top of my list of things that I really can not do without. Can I read a regular book? Well, kind of if I hold it real close to my face but let’s face it I lose my real books too.  And I am a book hopper, hopping from book to book and back again and kindles make that oh so easy.

So for the encourager part of my day.  I had a rough night last night, I could not sleep thanks to a chirping smoke alarm and faulty loop going over and over in my head.  I am not one to compare myself to others because I know that is a thief I have willfully invited in. Nothing ever good comes of that and thankfully I have built my business and my life knowing that.

But with all the head and heart knowledge I let that loop play and I gave it screen space in my head.  Thankfully I knew where to go for help but I could not shake all of it from me.  I started my day with My happy asses and a passel of gratitude and that got me started on a great path.

Today was our class day for Beachy 101 where we share with the new folks at BB and some of the not so new that want a reboot!!!! I always look forward to this day and today I think because I needed it too, it was extra special.  I was able to sit with some amazing humans, pour out my heart and love on them and thus the encourager became encouraged!!!!  As I spoke to them about why I started BB and what our core principles are and why we do what we do, I was reminded. My heart and my head smiled and I knew that yes I was doing exactly what I was to be doing and as long as my heart of service led the way then I am right where God wants me to be.

God does not want me to be like anyone else, He wants me to be more of me he created me to be. In that way, I am able to reach the people that he has ordained for me to reach.  I can live with that!!!!

So my car!!!!!  I must admit I am not the cleanest car in the crayon box!!!! I know that is messed up too but…..  It is Jody’s birthday week and her love language is time spent so since I am not going to be here on her God-appointed birthday I decide to carve out some time for her to enjoy some things. I opened my crazy bigger than my ability to have a clean car mouth and said,”I will pick you up!!! Yikes, “Karen, you can not pick up Jody in your hillbilly-looking car and think she will enjoy her day as fully as a girl can who is way more clean than me!”  Yes, that went through my head.

So because I love her and I wanted her to have a nice day, I wheeled my car to the car wash!!! Yes, I did and I cleaned out my very own car!!!! Yes, I did!!!!  Now it is all cleaned, smells purdy and for goodness sake, it feels like it drives better too. Not that it needed it or anything, as I poured a cup of coffee down the side of my car a few months ago and it had created its own design.  I could have won Let’s make a deal with the inside.  But now when I pick her up tomorrow all smelling pretty and clean and shiny, she will wonder, where oh where is Karen?

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