First world problems and gelato hacks

Right off the bat, whether anyone even reads this or not I am here to admit that I am a day late and a dollar short in getting this blog out there. Whether you read it or not is not the issue, the issue is I did not deliver so here I am pleading my case. There is no case because I have not one single excuse why I did not get it out timely other than I just did not feel like it. I was not even able to  5-4-3-2-1  GO… way to my blog.

Part of my sweet family namely Sheldon, Lacey S, Jett and Jocey, and me, Ya-Ya decided to do the whole Halloween Horror nights at Universal partly in an attempt to make it up to Jett for our last failed attempt.  The last time we were here Jett got sick so he along with Sheldon and myself did not get to go to Universal. Sheldon spent most of his time with Jett at the hospital and I held vigil waiting to hear about Jett. 

This time we were all ready to go, super excited about our big old Despicable Me Suite complete with grand rooms and a balcony!!!  I did not know how much I would love that balcony so super glad we had it.  We are ready with our tickets, our fast passes, our Halloween passes, and lo and behold Jocey got sick!!!!  So off to the Urgent Care, Sheldon goes, and thankfully this time did not include a hospital stay but it did put Jocey and I relegated to the room pretty much. Yahoo for that balcony.

For a brief moment, I thought about complaining that I had to stay or chose to stay behind at our suite with Jocey. And I realized no one was going to feel sorry for me including myself.  The room is so comfy and nice and the balcony, overlooks a lake and it is gorgeous weather and so many ands I could include here. I thought to myself these are verily I say unto you, first world problems.  Jocey is doing just fine other than coughing a bunch and feeling slightly gnarly but if you have to be held up inside I guess this is the spot.  

So in spite of our derailed plans, I have been reading and writing and reading and relaxing, and reading and smiling and having to settle for Gelato. So let me tell you my thoughts on Gelato.  Here at our Resort, because it is Italian themed we have a Gelato shop rather than my preferred and beloved ice cream.  Don’t get me started!!!! Gelato is not ice cream, and it never will be. I asked Lacey and Sheldon what is the difference besides the taste and I was informed that it is lower in sugar and fat and for me, that means lower in taste as well. So don’t worry I discovered a way to make Gelato taste almost as great as ice cream but I am afraid I negated all the calorie saving and all that jazz.  Do you want to know my trick? Sure you do.

So if you order Gelato say a half scoop of coffee chip and a half of another flavor you can change your world by getting it served in a waffle cone and add pecans and chocolate sprinkles and voila you almost have icecream.  And voila it is no longer lower in fat and sugar but lo and behold the taste is great.

So this blog was really much about nothing other than when your plans get derailed enjoy your patio, read lots of great books, and if you can not have ice cream use my life hacks to make Gelato almost as yummy as ice cream.  

I am so very thankful that our family is healthy and well and I am healthy and well and we have to opportunity to do things together. There were so many years when we were fractured due to drugs and alcohol and their grip on our lives.  It is easy to let our thoughts and our hearts derail lest we remember how far we have come and that the world has given up so much lately.  I never want to stop being grateful for all of it, we are alive and we can eat Gelato today and ice cream tomorrow.

ps. I need to get some cool pictures of me eating Ice cream and it would be fun doing that.

Pss. I will not be taking pictures of me and gelato unless absolutely there is no ice cream near by!!!

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