Self Esteem, Learning and affirming the life that I want!

Self Esteem 

Self-esteem is something that I’ve had a hard time with.  When I was younger, I kind of thought the people that had self-esteem were the ones that were just doing big things, and they were like naturally smart, naturally gifted, naturally, all these amazing things. That they had self-esteem and that the only way to get it was to be like them.

 I realize that self-esteem is just really personal. It’s kind of like where I am and where I want to be. How do I build my life and where I am and where I want to be? But accept myself where I am right now. I accept it. That doesn’t mean that I want to stay there. That doesn’t mean I agree with it. It doesn’t mean that it means I know where I am. I know where I wanna be. Then,I gotta figure out a way to get there 

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help.  So, in building my self-esteem, the things that I wanna do… I am reaching out to people who are smarter than me, which is a lot of people. I’m trying to figure out what do I really want out of the rest of this life that I’ve got to live? What do I really want? What are the boundaries I wanna set in life? What are the fences I wanna knock down? Just Karate chop kick down! That’s what I’m trying to figure out for myself.

So y’all when I share the affirmation today, this is for me, I’m trying to figure it out. So if you’re trying to figure out life too, let’s figure it out together. 

Today’s affirmation to build our self-esteem

 When I do esteemable things

I build my self-esteem 

Self-awareness grows me. 

Action is required. 

Faith is required in equal measure, expecting failures along the way, and living and thriving through them.

I start with a seed. 

and plant one more

Then one more.

 I keep my promises to myself. 

I keep my promises to others. 

I don’t overcommit. I put it on my calendar.

 I build a big life with little things.

God created me. He has big and loving plans for me. 

He has little plans that can make a big impact. 

I celebrate my wins and I learn valuable lessons from my losses. 

My self-esteem is not dependent on what others think of me, 

My self-awareness and my happiness and self-esteem is within not without.

Creating a life I want to live is a daily practice. It is up to me 100%. 

I am always learning and growing. 

And so it is

I’m gonna repeat something that I need to hear. And I bet you need to hear it too, unless you just got self-esteem figured out. If you have, please let us know. So we can just skip the line! My self-esteem is not dependent on what others think of me.  That’s so important. Because I’m gonna tell you something about what others think of you. Many, many, many times, people who you’re worried about what they think of you are not doing anything… they’re playing life safe…They’re just sitting still, they’re not creating challenges for themselves. They’re not growing, they’re staying right where they are.  You know that expression “misery loves company”? Well, guess what? Misery may love company, but I ain’t attending the party! Y’all, I ain’t going there. I’m telling you right now, this chick ain’t going!

 I was thinking this morning, I was saying, what are some of the things I can do to build my self-esteem? Well, for one, I’ll tell you something that I tend to do, and it really hurts my self-esteem.  If you do this, maybe this will help you by me being vulnerable and transparent with you.

I overcommit, I try not to. It’s something I work on constantly, but I overcommit. 

So there’s a sweet girl that I love dearly and she’s struggling, struggling, struggling, and I’m not gonna mention her name, but she’s a Single parent, and she’s been homeless and she’s tried to live in an apartment, but when COVID happened, it really knocked her back. She got sick. her job hours changed and she found herself moving back into this place where she could be helped.  There were some things that she needed. I said that I’d go get them for her.  And I wanted to get them for her.  And I could have gotten them for her.  I should have delegated it to somebody.

Every day I think” oh gosh, I gotta do this. I gotta do this. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it! By the time I procrastinated on getting her the things that she needed, she didn’t need them anymore. That did not help my self-esteem because I didn’t do what I said I was gonna do. You know? And I, over-committed, I can’t overcommit. I just can’t. When I do, I’ve gotta just admit it. I’ve gotta apologize for it. And I’ve gotta try to do better today in building the person that I know I need to be. 

I’m gonna ask you this favor today. Let’s be very careful in criticizing how other people are living, what they’re doing, what they’re not doing, their intentions, and their motivations. We don’t know their motivations. My motivation was to help this lady. I wanted to get her that thing. I had one at home. I could have just given it to her, but I thought I had to go out and buy a brand new one.  Instead, I let my three sit here and I didn’t do what I should have done.

That is just one thing that I do sometimes to hurt my self-esteem, but I want us to be very gracious with ourselves and with each other. As we’re trying to build a better life for us, so we can in turn have a better life for others. 

Y’all, I love you so much.  I would appreciate it if you would share this with others. That would make me so very happy. Go into your weekend and think of the things that you can do to build your self-esteem and grow yourself into the person that God created you to be full throttle. No holding back. Y’all I love y’all so much. Be sweet. 

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