Accentuate the Positive

Accentuate the positive... eliminate the negative.... I think I remember this phrase from a children's book Maybe the Jungle book, but I digress. I have found that in life and in social media I speak more about myself when I criticize, rather than bring attention to the object of my criticism. When I am tempted … Continue reading Accentuate the Positive

Of Mess and Moxie

“Forgiven people, forgive people. Adored people adore people. Freed people free people.  But when we are still locked in our own prisons, it is impossible to crave the liberation of others. Misery prefers company.”  ~ Jen Hatmaker How in the world do you review this book????? So many questions to think about so many truths … Continue reading Of Mess and Moxie

Giving food its Proper Place at My Table!

“Before you can start to reap the physical benefits that fasting can deliver we first need to help you reframe your attitude, beliefs and thought processes surrounding food and its place in your daily life.” ~ Dr. Frank Merritt I know somewhat of a long title…... but it really is what has happened to me … Continue reading Giving food its Proper Place at My Table!

Girl Wash Your Face

“Whatever standard you’ve set for yourself is where you’ll end up….. Unless you fight through your instinct and change your pattern.”  ~ Rachel Hollis Besides the fact that I kept calling it Girl Wash Your Hair, I devoured this book. I kind of cheated in that I went to watch her documentary, Made for More and … Continue reading Girl Wash Your Face

American Drug Addict: A Memoir

“Deception was becoming a habit, a prerequisite for survival” - Brett Douglass Whew!!!!! It was a very dark book but then again, I can not think of anything much darker than a life riddled with addiction. It robs the person of all things that have any light whatsoever in them. We continue to live under … Continue reading American Drug Addict: A Memoir