Purpose in the Pain

KS-blog_79_forwebMy sweet Precious BB’s,

Many times we find our greatest treasures when we are tested. We find the WHY of our Life and we sometimes find the HOW as well. We are pushed down, pressed in from all sides. We are brought low, we are brought to our knees and when we look up we see the answer that has been there all along.

Adversity has a way of stripping away the things that lack value. It has a way of revealing to us our true nature and it also leads us into the areas of our giftedness, our calm center and perhaps our divine purpose. As I have been seeking my How and Why since Hugh’s death the thing that I know that I am to do , just welled up in me. I shared with a friend, that welling up….. that feeling that it must be done…… that is your thing. What is that thing that wells up in you? When you speak about it, you can hardly speak about it without getting a big lump in your throat….. then that may be your thing!!

Perhaps our purpose is revealed in the areas of our greatest pain. What has caused you pain in your own life or your family? Maybe that is your gift…. then the pain has purpose, it was not just something that hurt you. You can take that pain and turn it into a purpose driven life. What are you all about? I am about what God is about in my life now more than ever. I want to be authentic and fully Karen as I discover the purpose in my pain.

Obviously most of my pain was involved in living and growing up addiction. I can not turn to the right or turn to the left without seeing a family impacted by addiction. There are so many families that are living in that pain, some are losing their life to that pain. I can not keep quiet or still, I can no longer ignore the prisons and the rehabs and the people in the trenches. As a friend said this week…. “We are About it women” Thanks Dr. Tolliny.

What has been a pain point in your life? Is it depression? Then you can help others with depression. Have you lived in lack? Now you are prosperous and you can share those lessons with others and your resources perhaps. Have you walked through grief and found your footing? Then carry another up the hill and you will get further up the hill yourself!!

When you see someone recover, get a job, own a car, live their life, loving their children, getting their job back…. those are the things I want to be a part of. I want to be a part of a life that celebrates people coming up from the ashes and sharing their heartache and triumphs with others. I want to love those people that perhaps people are tired of loving!!! That is the welling up in me.

My Precious Husband would have Celebrated his Sober birthday today so I guess Jesus is giving him his coin with an Angel choir. If Hugh Smith was still with us he would be celebrating 27 years of sobriety and 27 years of passionate purposeful living. But more than that he was serving others from the point of his pain, his purpose was revealed through his pain and only in that way could he serve others.

There is purpose in the pain!!! Don’t miss the gift!!!


I adore you and I love you and I love you and I love you!!!

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    My wonderful friend, Karen Smith, has started a blog. I really can’t think of a more inspirational, honest, and full of grace voice which needs to be heard. Follow her journey. You won’t be disappointed.

    1. Hey my sweet JO!!!! I am just now getting the hang of replying and how to put all this stuff up and and and. I do know however that I am thankful for a place to be vulnerable and let it all hang out. In letting my stuff hang, I hope it will inspire others to let their pain go and she it so that it is lessened in the sharing. I love that you have always supported every part of me and I am so thankful.

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