American Drug Addict: A Memoir

“Deception was becoming a habit, a prerequisite for survival” – Brett Douglass

Whew!!!!! It was a very dark book but then again, I can not think of anything much americandrugaddictdarker than a life riddled with addiction. It robs the person of all things that have any light whatsoever in them. We continue to live under this cloud but I am prayerful that our ending will be a good one. The book is very descriptive and telling of what happens in the drug addict as well as those that love them.

It is also very telling of the fact that is is always a one day at a time and it is never DONE, other than a daily reprieve. I am glad I read it but also glad the book is over.

My favorite part of the book was his resistance of God and then his realization that God was who could deliver him from this disease.  He also mentions that he did not believe in God and then realized that this God that he did not believe in was the only one that could save him from his disease!!!!  I have had several of Hugh’s sponses resist God until they knew that was all they needed to start their sober journey. Just to let Go and let God, thankfully Brett learns that and is sober today and has a great story and blog.

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