Girl Wash Your Face

“Whatever standard you’ve set for yourself is where you’ll end up….. Unless you fight through your instinct and change your pattern.”  ~ Rachel Hollis

GirlWashYourfaceBesides the fact that I kept calling it Girl Wash Your Hair, I devoured this book. I kind of cheated in that I went to watch her documentary, Made for More and fell in love with her spirit and energy on screen. I loved the sweet relationship with her husband and family. I must admit however hers is the opposite of Present Before Perfect because this girl…… she hustles!!!! Her family seems to be a big part of their empire and adventure in film, writing and blogging.

So back to the book. I read it in about one or two days I think and I just could not, would not put it down. It was very very honest and raw and she dealt with things that many Christian women would rather not talk about. She was very vulnerable in her book and exposed parts of herself that many of us would rather keep hidden.

One thing that I am thankful she shared was how she allowed her husband to treat her prior to him becoming her wonderful husband. I have learned that you give people permission to treat you a certain way. You must love and respect yourself so that others will too. She had to make a painful decision and hers turned out lovely. Spoiler alert.

I had a similar experience in my life where I attracted the wrong people because of the lack of confidence I had in myself. Thankfully now I am God assured instead of self assured and that has made all the difference.

This is a book that I will most surely read again, as it is screaming to be highlighted. Hey maybe she will do a follow up…. Girl Wash your Hair!!!! Please read this part funny, many times painful, but most delightful book by a person with so much grit and spunk!!

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