Living life in Exclamations!!

Today is International Day of Happiness!!! Perfect day for me and for mine. I know that my happiness is directly proportional to the level of gratitude that I have for my life just as it is…. Not when all is well, Not just when the goals are met. Life is happy because I choose it to be so. Life is happy because gratitude is the fuel that IGNITES AND CHARGES  my happy button.

Today Lacey told me that she wrote an e-mail as me and made sure that she used lots of exclamations!!!  LOL!!!!  I don’t know what she is talking about!!!!!!  After she said that I realized, oh my I do live my life in exclamation, in my writing and in my speaking but mostly in my living.

I have found that the more I get excited about, the more I have to be excited about. I have found that the more I love the more  I have to love. I have found that the more I do of the things that bring me joy such as…. my gratitude list DAILY. Such as finding a way to love someone and to squeeze them and tell them how much I appreciate them. Such as praying for that long line of cars and I mean long line of cars that are going by and by as I wait to cross the road.  Such as telling someone how much I adore them and I really really do!!! That is call for lots of these!!!!!!!!

The exclamations, the contrast, the vividness of life and the extreme practice and I mean  EXTREME Vision boardpractice of gratitude will give you the deepest level of happiness. So my happy ass advice today is to, find a life worth EXCLAIMING about and being grateful for and then you will find happiness THAT IS RICH AND FOREVER!!! OH YES I LIKE CAPS TOO, NOT TO YELL AT YOU BUT TO REJOICE WITH YOU. AND SO IT IS.

6 thoughts on “Living life in Exclamations!!

  1. Oh how happy this makes my heart!!! I love love love words of affirmations but I guess you knew that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you I like exclamations!!

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