Option B, Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

“Loss, grief, and disappointment are profoundly personal. We all have unique circumstances and reactions to them.  Still, the kindness and bravery of those who shared their experiences helped pull me through mine. Some who opened their hearts and are my closest friends. Others are total stranger who offered wisdom and advice publicly —sometimes even books with horrible titles.  And Adam, patient but insistent that the darkness would pass, but that I would have to help it along. That even in the face of the most shocking tragedy of my life, I could exert some control over its impact. ” ~ Sheryl Sandberg

I am late giving my review on this GREAT book on GRIEF and the survival and even the triumph over it. I wanted to share it because I feel that there are so many out there that would benefit from this book. I FOR SURE GAVE IT 5 STARS NOT JUST FOR THE CONTENT AND THE STORY BUT ITS 5 STAR IMPACT ON MY RECOVERY PROCESS.

It was one one of the first of many books on grief. I chose to find books that shared grief in its painful essence but books that also showed the victory in the way through it. I saw in Sheryl’s story EXTREME pain and EXTREME shock but also her ability to be honest and so vulnerable with her pain and loss. This was especially impactful because of her status as a business leader and successful woman and an prolific author. ( Lean in) Her high status job at Facebook as COO put her in a high stress arena and as mother of two young children to raise without her husband she was in a storm that she wished she could have passed up.

Recovery from grief does not start nor end at the same place for everyone but for me knowing that others have survived and even found a way to thrive in spite of it gave me great hope.   If you or someone you love is walking the arduous path of grief I suggest you purchase or download this book.  When we no longer have our Option A which I certainly did not, it is so comforting to know that we must find a way to embrace our Option B so we can continue a life that we can appreciate and to  bless others with.

I have to believe for me that I am using my grief in a way that would honor my sweet husband and he would be so proud of the strength and the grace that has enveloped my life since he left us.  That strength and that grace was given to me freely by a loving God and loving friends. It is a. gift I do not take lightly.


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